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Hands-on STEM programme for NZ Primary School Teachers

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Dr Michelle Dickinson, STEM educator and science communicator Image next to ‘What is STEMSTARS’ copy: Nanogirl’s STEMSTARS printed and online resources

Growing minds through STEM

Teaching STEM in primary schools sets students up for future success.

Today’s children will be entering a future workforce in which nearly all jobs will require some knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), but their journey to success begins long before then. Research has shown that children make up their mind about whether science is for them by the age of 12, which makes STEM education in primary school so important.

That’s why Nanogirl and Genesis School-gen are working together, to empower NZ’s primary school teachers to inspire a lifelong love of STEM for their students.


A narrative-led, practical STEM teaching resource for Primary Schools.

Nanogirl’s STEMSTARS, brought to you by Genesis School-gen, is a programme of exciting STEM lessons that brings together storytelling, practical experiments and clear learning outcomes. The programme covers eight STEM topics, each mapped to Level 2-3 of the New Zealand Curriculum and with activities suitable for Years 1-6. With printed books and instructional videos to guide you through each topic, STEMSTARS will give you the confidence and the tools you need to transform STEM learning in your school.

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STEMSTARS Teacher Resources

Quality Content

Created by Nanogirl’s expert science communicators and educators, with integrated te ao Māori concepts and links to the New Zealand Curriculum.

Nanogirl co-founder and STEM Educator Dr Michelle Dickinson

Designed for Learning

Bring STEM concepts to life in the classroom through storytelling, practical experiments and group activities.

STEMSTARS activities use only basic classroom equipment

Easy to Use

No prior science knowledge or specialist equipment required!

How Does it Work?

As the STEMSTARS StarGuide for your class, you’ll use your comprehensive Lab books and easy-to-follow instructional videos to lead your students on a hands-on journey of STEM discovery!

8 Exciting STEM Topics to Explore

Designed for flexibility, STEMSTARS Labs can be taught in any order and can be completed in under an hour or fill a whole afternoon.

Eight exciting STEMSTARS topics to explore Image next to ‘what teachers are saying’: Primary school teacher and student
Eight exciting STEMSTARS topics to explore Image next to ‘what teachers are saying’: Primary school teacher and student

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8 Classroom-ready Labs, each including:

  • An original Nanogirl story to read aloud to the class
  • Fun, impactful and hands-on STEM activities
  • Guides for group discussion and reflection
  • Links to the New Zealand Curriculum in Science, Technology, Mathematics, English & the Arts

Beautifully designed box set of STEMSTARS Lab books for teachers

Downloadable print resources, including te reo Māori vocabulary and student certificates

Easy-to-follow instructional videos
for teachers

Product support from Nanogirl’s
Education Specialists

$995 + GST

STEMSTARS is a accredited programme.

Trust that your students’ STEM journey with Nanogirl is one that is not only fun and interactive, but has a strong pedagogical design and is accredited by

Buy one, give one, thanks to Genesis School-gen.

We believe every primary school teacher in New Zealand should feel empowered to confidently deliver inspiring STEM lessons for their classes, and that no child should miss out on the opportunity to develop a love of STEM.

In partnership with Genesis and their School-gen STEM learning programme, Genesis School-gen, we’re working to make that vision a reality.

For every copy of STEMSTARS purchased, Genesis School-gen will gift one to a New Zealand school that would not otherwise be able to provide their teachers with this valuable classroom resource.

What Are Teachers Saying about STEMSTARS?

Super clear and informative for a teacher. The way the experiments are modelled on the videos make it much easier for a teacher to follow. I particularly love the use of storytelling and how it encourages children to think about the STEM in the story!

—Noor, Primary School Teacher

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